Nets of Texas offers a complete package of Baseball Softball Field Netting Systems to add total safety to any sports venue. Our professional design and installation team has the experience to fulfill all your Baseball Softball Field Netting needs.

Here’s a list of our Baseball Softball Field Netting capabilities…

Netting Backstops
In-line Systems & Suspension Systems – Nets Of Texas offers the two most popular styles of netting backstops: In-line and Suspension Systems. With a netting system you get more protection from foul balls, thus reducing liability issues. Barrier netting gives much more coverage, by providing increased height, than a conventional chain-link system and at a lower cost! A netting system also provides a superior view of the game.

Nets Of Texas’ Sports Nets are custom-made using high quality netting, rope, twine and other materials to make a superior, yet cost effective, product. We offer DuPont knotted nylon netting that is extremely wind resistant and offers a long life expectancy. We also offer other netting, upon request.

Our nylon nets are superior quality and are custom-made in various sizes and weight. The netting is high tenacity nylon twine, dyed black and bonded. The nets are double-treated in a superior UV agent for exceptional durability and protection from the deteriorating elements of the weather.

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Foul Line Netting
From little league all the way to the professional level, Nets Of Texas offers products and installation for both private and commercial baseball and softball facilities.

Nets Of Texas can provide consultation, design and installation for netting backstops, indoor and outdoor batting cages, indoor training facilities, grandstand protection and foul line and home ,[run barriers.

We can provide foul line and protective barrier netting for the baseball and softball fields that are located along roads or parking lots where ball containment is desirable and safety is vital. Our superior quality products, paired with our custom-designed projects, provide you with a phenomenal barrier netting system!

Nets Of Texas is highly experienced in designing and installing baseball and softball barrier netting systems.

Protective Screens
Nets Of Texas builds high quality, heavy-duty protective screens that can handle anything you throw at them! The screens are manufactured with SCH 40 steel frames and professional grade #96 DuPont knotted nylon netting. We can custom manufacture any design of protective screen to fit your criteria.

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Suspension Systems
Nets Of Texas offers a custom-designed netting backstop suspension system that removes viewing obstructions, creating a view of baseball in “High Definition”.

Nets of Texas specializes in barrier netting suspension systems that amaze coaches throughout the state of Texas. When the chain-link comes down and the netting goes up… it gives your baseball or softball field the “WOW” factor! Nets Of Texas can help you find a cost effective, durable and aesthetic solution to all your netting needs!

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Dugout Railings & Screens
Nets Of Texas offers custom dugout railings made from galvanized pipe either embedded or bolted to a base plate. Your dugout will have a professional look with either #30, #36 or #42 DuPont knotted nylon barrier netting with railings that can be either painted in your team or school colors or powder-coated black. Padding is optional. Give your players an unobstructed view of the field with the added bonus of giving them a safety barrier against foul balls with a Nets Of Texas dugout rail.

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Batting Cages
Automate your training facility with a Nets Of Texas retractable batting cage system, using electronically controlled frames that lower from the ceiling. The retractable batting cage system can convert your gym into a multi-use area in minutes.

Nets Of Texas provides “turn-key” netting solutions for your indoor and outdoor batting cage projects from design to installation. We offer many high quality and durable options for your batting cage projects, ranging from the highest-end professional style batting cage nets to dependable and convenient residential style usage. You can choose the best selection for your particular project. Years of successful experience in design and installation throughout the United States gives Nets Of Texas the expertise and knowledge to assist customers with barrier netting projects and to help save them time and money. Nets Of Texas’ customers consistently compliment us for our quality and cost efficiency on projects.

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Foul Poles
Nets Of Texas’ professional foul poles are constructed with heavy wall steel and 18″ wide expanded metal wing panels and powder-coated optic yellow. Nets Of Texas manufactures all of our own foul poles using only the highest quality material. We can custom build your foul poles to fit your specifications at any height in a surface mount or in-ground design. Nets Of Texas offers delivery and installation of the foul poles.

Baseball Softball Field Netting

Baseball Softball Field Netting Systems from Nets of Texas

Nets of Texas offers a complete package of Baseball Softball Field Netting Systems to add total safety to any sports venue. Contact Us today for more information and pricing on our Baseball Softball Field Netting Systems.

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